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Manoj Candle with DVD by Manoj Kaushal - Trick

картинка Manoj Candle with DVD by Manoj Kaushal - Trick от магазина Одежда+
Fire and Levitation, the two most demanded elements of magic are now fused in ONE stage device.

Create the strong and surreal visual for the world by levitating the flame several inches over the candle and then bringing it back down with the same grace.

Manoj Candle is a floating candle flame illusion that has been specifically designed for solo STAGE performers. If you are a "packs small and plays big" believer than Manoj Candle is the device for you.

One Man Operation
Purely Mechanical
Self Content (the other variation requires a little something)
Packs Small, Plays Big
Easy, Simple and Quick Set-Up

Note: This Package Includes: A special candle gimmick, refills, and an Instructional DVD.
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