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Free Shipping & Worldwide Delivery

We ship anywhere in the world. If you live in the USA or Canada, then orders that meet the requirements below can use our FREE SHIPPING option! That's right, we will pay for your shipping in those areas.

However, if you choose to have MJM Magic pay for your shipping, keep in mind that it will ship via the United States Postal Service (USPS) which is not guaranteed against loss, and it may be slower than usual (sometimes up to 2-4 weeks for delivery). This doesn't always happen, and often times our free shipping gets to your destination within 1 week. However, the US Postal Service informs us that this type of shipping can take a long time. If you would like something guaranteed against loss, we suggest you pay for our recommended USPS Express Mail or UPS delivery.

Note: Our free shipping policy for the USA and Canadian zones only applies to the following:

USA: Packages less than 4 pounds and over $30.00 - FREE!
Canada: Packages less than 2 pounds and over $50.00 - FREE!

Any orders over the minimum threshold above and not weighing more than the specified weight will qualify for the free shipping option! For any further specific questions regarding the types of shipping, their advantages vs. disadvantages, please contact us.

NOTE: Due to high rates of fraudulent activity, any credit card purchase made from the United States going to an international location may not be processed unless we get a digital copy of your credit card sent to us. If you fall under that category, feel free to contact us first before making your purchase.

If I live in the USA or Canada and I select Free Shipping, what kind of shipping am I getting, and how long will it take to deliver?

When you select our Free Shipping option, you're basically saying, "I want HappyMagicShop to pay for the shipping costs to deliver my purchase to me." Consequently, if you choose to have us pay for your shipping, we will ship your items to you using the cheapest method available to us.

In other words, let's say that you purchase a DVD and choose Free Shipping. Well, the cheapest method for us to ship that to you would be First Class Mail (3-5 day delivery). If you choose to purchase a book, we may ship it via Media Mail which can take up to 8 days to deliver. In order to guarantee that you receive a certain type of shipping within a certain delivery date range, you may want to consider paying for your own shipping. Otherwise, we will choose the most economical method of shipping since we will be the ones fronting the delivery cost for you.

If I select Free Shipping and the package bounces back to HappyMagicShop, then what happens?

Sometimes, due to an incorrect address or not being around to sign for a package, some packages may be sent back to us. If that happens, we will immediately contact you to arrange for them to be shipped again. However, since we already paid for your shipping the first time, you will then be responsible for paying the second shipping charge to resend the package.

Note: We are not responsible for border fees/taxes/brokerage incurred when products enter your country. USA customers will not have to worry about any fees. Customers outside the USA may have to pay taxes/brokerage/border fees if the declared amount on the customs form exceeds your countries limits. This is completely outside of our control, and you are responsible for researching and preparing for any duty, fee, or tax that will be required when receiving your merchandise.

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